“Angela Baggetta is extraordinary. She went absolutely all out for my book. She applied her mastery of the national and local mainstream media–pundits, reviewers, radio, television hosts, bloggers–and pitched the book high and low and across the country, and with amazing results.  She’s brilliant and fun to work with too.”

Arlie Russell Hochschild, author of STRANGERS IN THEIR OWN LAND

“Angela Baggetta did a spectacular job for both my books, which received far more media attention than I ever have hoped–and in all the best places. She was relentless, constantly working her contacts to set me up with national media interviews, the most popular regional NPR shows, and outstanding events. She found me high-profile outlets for excerpts and op-eds, and helped me shape them to fit the news cycle. Working directly with Angela, who is very hands on, was an immensely rewarding and fun experience!”

Adam Winkler, author of WE THE CORPORATIONS and GUNFIGHT