About Me

After working as a journalist in Washington, DC, and New Hampshire (at the legendary Union-Leader newspaper), I moved to New York City on a rainy day in September 1999. I had answered an ad in the New York Times’ classifieds section, and landed a job in the publicity department of what was then called Doubleday Broadway Books.

Ever since then, I’ve worked in a field that still excites and interests me. As a book publicist specializing in serious nonfiction, I get to engage with the important ideas of our times, and help new voices find a platform in our crowded media landscape. And I’m able to use my journalism background every day, working to position my clients as thought leaders and experts on top news stories or cultural trends.

Over time I moved from Doubleday Broadway to Basic Books, and then on to Goldberg McDuffie Communications, where I stayed for 14 years, eventually earning the position of Managing Director.

My work has spanned many categories within the broad designation of “serious nonfiction”: economic, politics, current events, technology, memoir, business, and design. I’ve promoted literary awards and festivals, and worked with nonprofits on reports and other non-book projects.

Every day is different and dare I say fun. I’ve been so fortunate to work with women and men whose ideas have the potential to change the world…or at the very least, one particular corner of it.

Some personal notes: I was born and raised in western Massachusetts. My parents were teachers and my brother is a fantastic jazz guitarist. I’ve run two half-marathons and am perennially considering a third. I love to bake (I make a mean red velvet cake). And besides my work, I’m terribly devoted to my literature professor husband and my two children.


(Home page photo credit: Beowulf Sheehan)