“If you have a book to promote, you need Angela Baggetta in your corner. She’s smart, tenacious, well-connected, and easy to work with. She’s respectful of your time and will understand your goals and desires. More than anything else, Angela has good judgment—something anyone who wants a successful book launch in these crazy times desperately needs.”

Richard Hasen, author of ELECTION MELTDOWN

“Angela is incredibly competent and dedicated. Since she read my manuscript, she understood the key message and made it her personal mission to spread it. She was strategic in drafting a plan that resulted in an exceptional launch week, and very flexible in responding to opportunities that followed. Throughout, she worked tirelessly to get the word out about Couples That Work to international, national, and local media. I was lucky to work with her and I recommend her highly.”

Jennifer Petriglieri, author of COUPLES THAT WORK

“Angela Baggetta was the best publicist I could have hoped for: She got the project from the start, was imaginative in her approach to spreading the word, and dogged in the pursuit of the right media and speaking opportunities. It was a true pleasure to work with her–and my book would not have reached nearly as large an audience without her dedication!”

Yascha Mounk, author of THE PEOPLE VS. DEMOCRACY

“Angela Baggetta did a spectacular job for both my books, which received far more media attention than I ever have hoped–and in all the best places. She was relentless, constantly working her contacts to set me up with national media interviews, the most popular regional NPR shows, and outstanding events. She found me high-profile outlets for excerpts and op-eds, and helped me shape them to fit the news cycle. Working directly with Angela, who is very hands on, was an immensely rewarding and fun experience!”

Adam Winkler, author of WE THE CORPORATIONS and GUNFIGHT

“Angela Baggetta is extraordinary. She went absolutely all out for my book. She applied her mastery of the national and local mainstream media–pundits, reviewers, radio, television hosts, bloggers–and pitched the book high and low and across the country, and with amazing results.  She’s brilliant and fun to work with too.”

Arlie Russell Hochschild, author of STRANGERS IN THEIR OWN LAND

“Besides knowing everyone in the business, besides having an uncanny ability to get you on the exact right show with the exact right interviewer, besides knowing just how to position your book–besides all that, the best thing about having Angela Baggetta as your publicist is that she’s a joy to work with.”

Joe Nocera, co-author of INDENTURED and ALL THE DEVILS ARE HERE

“Angela was the perfect publicist. Warm, responsive and connected in New York City, she had a big role in my book achieving a trifecta in book PR: a feature on NPR, a People magazine Best New Book Pick, and a New York Times bestseller. I can’t recommend her more highly!”


“Angela is absolutely sensational and I loved working with her!”

Cass Sunstein, co-author of NUDGE; author of WISER and IMPEACHMENT: A Citizen’s Guide

“The day my book was released, I appeared on ‘The Daily Show’ with Trevor Noah. Me—a lowly professor! That, and much of the subsequent success of my book, is entirely due to Angela.”

Sara Goldrick-Rab, author of PAYING THE PRICE

“I have only the highest praise for Angela’s work. She took such good care of a novice, and had everything worked out beforehand. Precise, intelligent, and most of all kind in a very difficult situation.”

Betty Halbreich, author of I’LL DRINK TO THAT